Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Music Mood Magic..

Helloooo people! I'm in one of my really weird ''ooooh I couldn't live without music moods..'' so thought I'd share a few commenty things with you all about fave bands ect ;) Firsttttt off, would like to say spotify !! Seriously, if you're a music lover, download it. You can listen to pretty much anything for free and it's 100% legal. Of course you can't download the music, but if you have an ipod touch and you pay a small subscription to spotify you can get your playlist wherever you are, even if you have no internet, because you can put your playlist into offline mode ;) Anyway, I shall shh about spotify now.

Hmm.. anyway.. got to be said, Coldplay? ARGHHH I love them, seriously. Everything about them, their sound is just beeeautiful. Seriously, I could listen to them all day. I just discovered also them doing an acoustic version of 'The Scientist' on youtube.. go go go search it now! It's gorgeous! They're such a pretty band aaaaalso!! Loooooky looky looky!!

Except maybe.. the baldy guy on the far right.. no offence matey just you look a bit.. aggressive..

Hmm.. moving on ;)

Anyone else like Elvis? (Presley.. The King.. Amazing singer music guy.. yes we all know the one..) and before anyone starts saying ''Errr he's crap'', there IS a reason he still sells millions of albums a year? Yes.. because.. he is a god? Oui. I've always liked his voice, but my mum recently bought me an album of his (Elvis Presley 30#1s or something), and it is seriously one of the best albums I own. I love every single song on it, apart from the crappy remix of 'A little less conversation'. Who can listen to 'Jailhouse Rock' and not like it?! His voice is so velvety and lovely. I love 'In The Ghetto' and 'All Shook Up'. Pleeeeaseee listen to him, even if you've always said you dislike him, seriously, his voice is sooo soothing and lovely. Picture.. I loveeee this picture..

Okay.. last two favourites I'll shove in your faces ;) Then a few just favourite songs that you should sooo totally go and check out :P

James Morrison... oooofttttt.. his voice? yes please. I realllyyyy love like more acoustic music.. I'm not really into the chart stuff with all computerised music and stuff, it sort of hurts my head, so James Morrison is just perfect. His voice is so raspy and gorgeous (yes, I know I said that about Coldplay ;)). I reallyyyy want to go see him so I keep pathetically checking his website for when he goes on tour :P and then I will be a very good girl and ask my mumma to take me :P seeing as she's the only person I know who likes him also.. hehe :P

Yes I'm rambling again now.. Picture? yessss.

Aaaand last but definately not least, Paolo Nutini. Oh. My. God. He is beautiful in every waaay! (despite the fact I don't know him..;)) I think he should marry me and we could have lots of beautiful singing babies? Yes, thought so. (screw the fact I don't know him and he could be a tooootaaaal bastard.. but I think I could put up with that if he sang to me at least once a day?)

Hmm, the only thing.. and I know I'm a bit biasd.. but my friend does a cover of 'Last Request' and personally I think it's better than Paulo Nutini's.. but thats the only thing I can fault him on.. he doesn't do his own song better than my friend.. hehe. But yes, his music is amazing. SPOTIFY IT ;) (I've only just realised I've been spelling his name wrong.. some fan I am.. It's Paolo Nutini.. I've been spelling it Paulo.. hehe)

Okay.. so.. just a few random songs I love and hope you do too...
Cee Lo Green - Forget You. OOOOH such a cheerful uplifting song!
Tina Turner - Proud Mary
Leona Lewis - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Not the original but she covers it SO well)
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N' Roses (I never actually really bothered to listen to Guns 'n' Roses.. but my guitar teacher is in a really awesome tribute band and so I decided to have a listen haha)
Aretha Franklin - Let It Be (Again obviously not the original but a really good cover)
Biffy Clyro - Many Of Horror (It's on a TV advert at the moment and its awesome)
Katy Perry - Electric Feel
Christina Aguilera - Lift Me Up (beautiful lyrics)
LIGHTS - Saviour
Snow Patrol - Crack The Shutters
30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens (Not my kind of music at all but this band is actually really good, and that song is awesome)
Scouting For Girls - A Million Love Songs (Again, another cover but it's soooo good)
Paramore - The Only Exception
Norah Jones - Sunrise
Dusty Springfield - Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart (THINK this is a cover..)
and laaaaastly..
I really dislike Pixie Lott and I think she whines/strains too much, but her covers of 'Use Somebody' and 'Apologize' are REEEEALLLY good!!
Pleeease look up Chlay on spotify/youtube/itunes/blogger
She's got a charity single out called 'silently' for The M.E Association. It is really good and the money is totaaally worth it. Her other music is really good too. I love 'violent skies'
BYEEE thanks for reading.. if you managed to actually read it all.. this post was stupidly long.. sorry.. I'm ver ver bored today ;)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Eeeeee Photographs!!

Hmm.. I got really bored and wanted to make a new post but I don't really have a lot to write about.. apart from the fact I feel like poop today, but I didn't want a depressing post ;)

soo.. here are some photos I have taken this yeeeearrrr.. hope you likess

this was taken out of the window of my mums car.. the sky looked really pretty :')

This was taken at a pub down a country road :) I'd missed my singing lesson so we went to a pub for some tea instead.. :P

I love this one, you can really see the texture on the petalsssss ;D

Awhhh my lovely little Katie dog.. she looks so cute here.. I can just imagine her saying.. 'duuuuudeee.. heyyyy!'

mmmmm.. manchester..
Anywayyyy.. hope you like the photies!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why do people judge?

Why do people feel the need to make judgements about things they don't understand? Why do people feel the need to make assumptions, jump to conclusions? Comment on things they know nothing about? Is it really that difficult to just think before you speak? Or even better, not speak at all unless you actually have some understanding of the matter in hand?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E, and people always seem to feel the need to give me their opinions, or judgements on the illness. No matter how rude, hurtful, or pointless they may be.

On one occasion, not so long back, whilst in Newquay, Cornwall, I was in a shop with my mum. My mum got talking to the man who owned the shop, and the conversation, somehow (I wasn't particularly listening), turned to me. The man turned to me, and asked me how old I was,

''Fifteen.'', I said, to which he replied, as so many people seem to think school is compulsary,

''Why aren't you in school?''. It obviously never occured to him that maybe I was home educated.

I explained that I have M.E, and that I can't go to school because of it. But of course, I was in a shop, dressed nicely, my hair was done nice, and I had makeup on, so he assumed nothing was wrong with me. Which, I'm used to people making judgements like that, I suppose it's human nature, if someone looks okay, it means they are. Even though he was thinking that, I don't see he had any right what so ever to say to me,

''Look at you! There's nothing wrong with you! You're walking round town perfectly fine, you should be in school! Get in school!''. I cannot describe how angry and upset I was at that comment. To me, it was very ignorant, and rude. And, to be honest, insensetive.

When he saw that my facial expression had changed, he quickly switched to 'Mr Nice And Reasonable',

''Oh yeah, no, I know quite a lot about M.E actually, quite a few of my friends have it. Although one of them seems to be able to walk the dogs miles every day and spend hours on facebook. I keep telling her to get a job but she won't.'', and he called himself a friend? I feel very sorry for the poor woman if she has friends like that.

So many people believe that M.E is 'all in the mind'. When in actual fact it is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a neurological condition. Which means, for those of you who don't know, it is a physical condition. Most definately not in the mind.

Also, people seem to assume that just because I can walk my dog, or go out with my friends (once in a blue moon), that I could be in school. On the very few days I feel slightly better energy wise, my mind is still not in the right place. After all, walking doesn't require any concentration. Where as reading, or watching a film, obviously does. A common symptom of M.E is 'Brain Fog'. The Brain just won't function right. And that is the reason some people can walk around looking fine, but can't work/go to school. I myself am different on a day to day basis. Some days I'm in bed or on the sofa all day, barely able to move, where as other days I can walk my dog for ten minutes or so.

So many people believe that it's all put on. A way to get out of work or school. If only they knew. If only thats all it was. I don't think there is a single person alive that would choose to be stuck at home all the time. To have no hope of acheiving any qualifications. To have no social life. No life, basically.

If you came accross someone with cancer, who looked okay, you wouldn't judge them, or question it, would you? No. Because you KNOW the seriousness of cancer. You understand it. So many people just dismiss things they don't understand, instead of actually listening and trying to understand. Or even sympathise. M.E is a serious condition. It can leave people bed bound, some people even have to be tube fed. Google Lynn Gilderdale. Then tell me it's all in the mind. Do you really think a lively, active, bubbly girl would choose to be bedbound for eleven years? I don't think so.

Anyway.. after such a depressing and ranty and bleurgh post.. a pretty picture.. ?

Yes.. my idea of a pretty picture is Paolo Nutini.. nomnomnom.